PopSleuth, Inc. | Pioneers of the Post-Search Era

Who We Are
PopSleuth, Inc. is a team of veteran media and technology entrepreneurs driven by a singular vision of the world: where technology works for consumers to enhance their lifestyles; consumers don’t have to work at technology.

Our vision is a world where everybody can easily keep track of anything and everything that interests them - from arts & entertainment, to fashion, sports, food & restaurants, to video games or high art – and find anything they like.
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PopSleuth, Inc. maintains business and technology relationships with the world’s top media services, including Amazon.com, iTunes, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Audible, Rdio, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Linkshare, and Commission Junction.

We help our customers find and experience everything they like, quickly and easily, all from one unified user interface.
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What We Do
PopSleuth, Inc. is the maker of Endorfyn, a personalized consumer product line that creates a feed of new releases from artists an individual likes.

Endorfyn finds new books, movies, TV shows, songs, albums, talk show appearances, adaptations of books, covers of songs, and tickets for games, events, or concerts.

Endorfyn works with the Internet’s leading media services, including Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Vudu, YouTube, and many others.
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